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Take a Break From Breakfast

Breakfast: Often called "the most important meal of the day," it should really be called "the most rushed meal of the day." Because if you're anything like us, you never have enough time in the morning. If there’s any place to streamline your life, it’s breakfast.

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feeding the humans

We recommend rethinking your breakfast menu so everything falls into one of two categories: 1) Can be prepared in advance; or 2) Can be eaten on the go. We’re fans of no-bake oatmeal balls, overnight oats, and these yummy citrus berry muffins (bake them on the weekend and freeze!). And we like to stock up on frozen waffles and cereal/granola bars (like these from the store or these easy homemade ones) to grab and go—even if “go” just means “to the remote school desk.” Seriously. Save the pancakes for the weekends, folks.