A hand with tape on the index finger

Sticky Hands Make Light Work

Do your floors have a lot of small bits of debris on them? You know, crumbs from breakfasts past, dust bunnies, pet hair, maybe pine needles if you recently got rid of a Christmas tree, that kind of thing? If that’s you (and please tell us it’s not just us), this is your hack.

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Wrap your child’s hands in tape with the sticky side facing out (masking or painter’s tape works well for this), and put them to work. Really, that’s the hack. Just let them roam around like one of those robot vacuums, applying their sticky hands to everything they see. Young children will get a kick out of picking up anything and everything they can. When their hands are covered in junk, remove the tape and discard. You. Are. Welcome. (P.S. You never need to buy a lint brush again.)