Pre-cut veggies in a container

Speed Up Lunch with Weekend Prep

Packing lunch is easy. But slicing fruits and veggies into lunch-sized portions is a pain. Instead of wasting money on pre-cut food or products like "baby carrots," DIY them at the start of the week so they're ready to go.

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Here’s the key: Take care of this while you’re already dealing with groceries. As you’re putting away your food shopping, take the extra step of slicing veggies into sticks, washing and portioning out berries, and even throwing frozen fruits and veggies into small portion-sized containers to defrost in the fridge. (This is a great reuse for old plastic takeout containers.) Then, every time you go to pack lunch or fix a snack, you can just grab from your pre-portioned options. Really—prep now, thank us later.