Basket of masks labeled "dirty"

Mask In, Mask Out

How do you organize your face masks? There’s a question we didn’t expect to be asking a year ago. But let’s face it, masks aren’t going away anytime soon, so we may as well keep them tidy.

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staying healthy

We favor a simple incoming/outgoing system for this problem: Right by the front door, stash two small baskets, bins, or cardboard boxes—one for clean masks, ready to go, and the other for dirty masks, ready for the wash. (Add a third bin if you want to separate your clean ones by kid-sized and adult-sized.) If you’re reusing surgical or high-filtration masks like N95s or KF94s, consider adding stick-on hooks to the wall or back of the front door so you can hang them to air out when they’re not in use.


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