Berries on paper towel

A Berry Good Hack for Keeping Berries Fresh

Berry season is coming back! Here’s a handy trick for keeping them fresher for a few extra days—so you can buy them when they’re on sale and not have to devour them all in the first 24 hours. (Your kids might want to, but that’s a separate problem.)

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Straight from the store, swirl your berries in a diluted vinegar bath (1 cup white vinegar + 3 cups water), then rinse in cold water. Let them dry very thoroughly by laying them on the counter on paper towels. Once they’re fully dried, line their original containers or resealable ones with paper towels and put them in the fridge. (If you use a resealable container, leave the top ajar so they get some air.) That’s it. Now just try to keep the kids from eating them all in one sitting. (No vinegar in the house? Very hot water gets the job done, too.)