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Dear Parents,

It was not supposed to be like this.

After an emergency-exit spring and a let's-just-get-through-it summer without camps or pools or barbecues, things were supposed to go back to normal. Kids were supposed to go back to school. There was supposed to be soccer games and football and all the rest.

But obviously, that's not what happened. Instead, most of us have more months of remote learning ahead. If you’re feeling a queasy mixture of panic, despair, and exhaustion, well, that’s just this year’s special flavor. We’ve had more than enough of it, too.

We believe families shouldn't have to go through this alone, which is why we created The Kinda Guide. It's our attempt to make things at least a little easier by providing you with clear information, practical tips, expert advice, and genuinely fun ways to reconnect as a family (still possible!). We'll even offer a few simple, kid-friendly meal and snack ideas, because just figuring out what to make for dinner can feel impossible these days, and sometimes we all need a break from the routine.

Here’s how it works

You can subscribe to The Kinda Guide on your own or using a code from an employer or participating community organization. Every week, we'll publish a new issue over the weekend, so you can get ready for the week to come. On Sunday around noon (central standard time), you'll get an email from us with fresh links and a look at what's inside.

Along with articles about the various living-/learning-/working-at-home issues we're all facing, each edition will include a suggested family adventure (something you can do together, just for fun), nightly dinnertime questions to get the kids talking, a parenting hack or tip, and a recipe or two. We'll also offer 2-3 hours of engaging activities for kids from Camp Kinda, our acclaimed exploratory learning program.

We know The Kinda Guide won't solve every problem. We can't do the things that would be really helpful, like watching your kids while you work, helping do the dishes, or sending you on a long vacation (remember those?). But hopefully, by giving you access to all of this in one place, without annoying ads or blaring headlines, we can save you some time, energy, and stress—and maybe make you crack a smile along the way.


If you have questions about The Kinda Guide or suggestions for how we could make it better, please email us! We appreciate feedback of all kinds.

Need an expert perspective? We encourage you to connect with one of our Navigators through our Ask a Navigator feature. Navigators include award-winning teachers, former principals, veteran counselors, and other education pros who support families and kids of all ages and backgrounds.