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World's Craziest Sports

The Oddball Games

If you only think of things like football helmets, basketball hoops, and hockey sticks when you hear the word "sports," well, get ready to go out-of-bounds. Today, you'll get a look at some of the most unusual sports in the world, like extreme ironing, competitive log-throwing, limbo-skating, and worm-charming. That's right: It's time for the oddball games.

what you’ll need

  • A computer, tablet, or mobile phone and access to the internet
  • Pens, crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Paper
  • Various household objects to use for an obstacle course
  • A string or broom handle to use for a limbo game



        Ask About Today

        What's the craziest sport you learned about today? Would you play it?

        Dinner Discussion

        What is one unusual sport that you believe could be a big hit?

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        30-45 minutes


        Extreme Ironing

        Ironing on mountains, on cars, or... on a surfboard? Why not. Welcome to the world of Extreme Ironing. Let's take a look.


        Limbo Skating

        Looking to add a new challenge to your limbo contest? Try adding wheels. See for yourself as this six year-old attempts to set a world record by limbo-skating under 39 cars.


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        How about a Game of Octopush?

        Octopush is like a totally normal game of hockey—it just happens to be played underwater. Watch the US Women's National team explain it.


        Worm Charming

        Worm charming! Now this is getting weird.


        Perhaps Some Parkour?

        The great thing about Parkour is that you don't need a field or any special equipment to do it. It's all about using parts of the world around you—walls, fences, dumpsters, tree trunks, or whatever—to move from one point to another as fast and efficiently as possible. Take a look.


        Be safe! Please don't jump off any buildings. If you feel like trying Parkour, check out the training video for beginners in the Move section.


        45-60 minutes


        Oddball Obstacle Course

        Limbo skaters go under all kinds of obstacles and Parkour freerunners leap over them. Now, it's your turn.

        Create an obstacle course out of various objects you have at home. Obstacles can be pieces of furniture or objects to go over, under, and around, or they can be challenges to complete before moving on to the next obstacle (like stacking up cups, carrying a ball on a spoon, or doing other tasks that require some focus)!

        To start, plan where you want your course to go, then break it up into 8-10 stations or challenges. For example, at one station you might have to crawl under a piece of string stretched between two chairs, and at another you might have to put a pile of crayons into rainbow order.

        Need more ideas? Check out this article to find lots of easy ways to create obstacles in your house.

        (And please be kind to your family and clean up your obstacles after you're done.)

        CHECK IT OUT

        Share your work! We'd love to see it. Ask a parent to email a photo or video to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @CampKinda.


        30-45 minutes



        People around the world play all kinds of different sports, and some crazy sports combine multiple sports into one game. One of the most popular sports in Southeast Asia, for example, is a game that mixes volleyball and soccer called Sepak Takraw. It's pretty cool.


        If Sepak Takraw players have their way, you might see the sport in the Olympics someday.


        Limbo Champion Training

        Crazy sports take a lot of hard work! What does it take to become the "Limbo Queen?" Kaitlyn Conner earned this title, and set a world record for skating backwards under 21 poles! Read her tips on how to do the limbo really, really well and check out some photos of Kaitlyn in action.


        Paddling Pumpkins

        In Oregon, pumpkins aren't just for pie or Halloween jack-o'-lanterns—they're also turned into canoes for the annual West Coast Giant Pumpkin Regatta. It's quite a sight.


        Ready, Set, Mow!

        Lawnmower racing: It's kinda like dirt-biking or go-kart racing. Only with lawn mowers.

        For younger explorers

        Dino Football

        Excitement is in the air as the dinosaurs take the field! Get ready to cheer for your favorite meat- or plant-eaters in this read-along.

        For younger explorers

        Sports Day in the Jungle

        It's sports day in the jungle—but what about poor sloth, who's too slow to keep up?


        15-30 minutes


        Let's Go Limbo

        Limbo skaters skate under poles, ropes and cars—and even do it backwards! See how low you can go with a game of limbo!

        Get a broom, jumprope, pole, or similar object, and tie it to two objects or have someone hold each end. Continue to move it lower and lower until you can't get under it. If you have someone around, have them join you in the game and see who can get the lowest. Click the button for a few tips before you begin.

        Need an extra challenge? Try walking backwards, sideways, or crab walking. Need even more of a challenge? Set up several obstacles to go under in a row or time yourself going under.


        30-60 minutes


        Underwater Yoga

        It's not just skating that makes people great at limbo skating. Limbo skaters spend lots of time stretching, doing yoga, and working on balance. Try some yoga underwater (just like Octopush is played!) with Cosmic Kids Yoga to get yourself stretched and limbo-ready.


        Parkour Training

        Excited to try some Parkour? Yeah, us too. Follow along with this video to start mastering a few simple moves right at home. All you'll need is some open space, a couch, a wall, and a grown-up's permission.

        LET'S GO

        Be safe! Be careful when trying these moves and, seriously, ask an adult before you start jumping over the couch.

        more to explore

        45-60 minutes

        When it comes to crazy sports, there's always more to explore.



        It's a real thing! See for yourself.


        Get to Know Bossaball

        In the same way that Sepak Takraw combines volleyball and soccer, Bossaball brings together gymnastics and volleyball. It's all very, very bouncy.


        Caber Tossing

        In Scotland, a traditional competition called the caber toss involves throwing 20-foot long wooden poles that can weigh as much as 180 pounds. Read all about it in this article from Culture Trip.