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Wild Weather

Weather In Outer Space

Does it really rain diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter, like Jaden Smith tells us? Find out today as you explore the wildest weather in the universe, create your own planet, and imagine yourself as a weather-wielding superhero.

what you’ll need

  • A computer, tablet, or mobile phone and access to the internet
  • Paper
  • Pens, markers, or colored pencils



Ask About Today

What is one example of wild weather on another planet that we don't have here on earth?

Dinner Discussion

If you were a researcher who could uncover the answer to any question you wanted, what is one thing you would want to know about other planets?

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Weekly Materials

This week's materials list includes a few items that are a little more unusual—like styrofoam plates, baby oil, and food coloring. If you can find them, we think they make for some really cool experiments. If you can't, no worries, just skip ahead.


30 minutes

The other planets in our universe are home to some wild weather—from raining diamonds (yup) to 400 years of rain. Get ready for some startling discoveries.


It's Raining Diamonds

Start your exploration of other planets right here, with an explanation of those "raining diamonds" we've heard so much about.


Remember: Online videos often start with advertisements. (Annoying, we agree!) Click the "Skip" button as soon as you can to move ahead to the video.


The Red Spot Storm

Next, take a look at these NASA photos of Jupiter's' "Red Spot" storm—a rainstorm in a single spot for 400 years. (That's a lot of rain.)


Extraterrestrial Weather

Ready for more weather in outer space? Wow your family and friends with some shocking facts about wacky weather on other planets after watching this.


Jupiter's Atmosphere

Check out this animation of what Jupiter's atmosphere really looks like.

For younger explorers

Rocky Planet Weather

Do other planets have weather? They sure do. But it isn't the same as our weather. Take a tour of the weather on the "rocky planets" in our solar system.

For younger explorers

Gas Planet Weather

Then, visit the "gas planets" in our solar system to learn about the weather there.


30-60 minutes

Today, you're the creator of your own planet.


Design Your Own Planet

Take inspiration from weather on other planets and design your own planet.

Choose your adventure:

1) Draw a picture of your planet (including details that show what the weather is like) or

2) Write a poem describing the weather on your planet.

Either way, be sure to give your planet a name!


15-30 minutes

Raining diamonds are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to weird weather on other planets.


Even Wackier Weather

Acid rain on Venus? Huge dust storms on Mars? The weather in outer space just keeps getting weirder.


Hidden Figures

You may be wondering how we know so much about the weather on other planets. It's all thanks to the amazing math and engineering skills of the people who work for space programs, like NASA. In this read-aloud of Hidden Figures: The True Story of Four Black Women and the Space Race by Margot Lee Shetterly and Coretta Scott King, learn about four women whose contributions made it possible for the U.S. to launch rockets into space and learn so much about what happens out there.

For younger explorers

8 Little Planets

Read along with the story 8 Little Planets by Chris Ferrie.

For younger explorers

The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal

Then, read along with the story The Sun Is Kind of a Big Deal. (Get excited...there are singing puppets.)


30-45 minutes

Acid rain, 400-year-long storms, and diamonds falling from the sky? There's a lot to discuss when it comes to the weather on other planets. Today, you'll become an outer planet meterologist.


Outer Space Forecasting

Imagine if you were a meteorologist on a different planet. What's the weather forecast for the week? Set up a weekly weather forecast for one of your favorite planets (or for the planet you created earlier) and pretend you're on the nightly news, presenting your report.

Share Your Work: If you have a willing audience around (we recommend a little sib, or a grandparent on Zoom or FaceTime!), transport them to your planet with your imagination and present the weather to them.


30 minutes

It's weather dance time again!


Weather-Wielding Superpowers

If you could have any kind of weather-related superpower, what would it be? It could be related to weather here on Earth or elsewhere. (Would you stop tornadoes? Make it rain diamonds? Use a lightning bolt to power the planet?) Remember, most superheroes are trying to solve a problem, like Batman protecting the people of Gotham when the police weren't. What problem would your superpower solve?

Now get moving and act out a scene from your superhero story. (Try taking it outside, if you can do so safely!)

Remember: Make sure to give your superhero a name.

more to explore

15-30 minutes

Can't get enough wild weather? Explore some more!


Wild Clouds and More

Need more detail on the wild clouds, rains, and storms on Venus, Uranus, and Neptune? Learn from the scientists who study them in this BBC Earth podcast.