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Oh, the Places (We’ll) Go

By Land and Sea and Dog Sled

Chances are wherever you live, you don’t have to go far to find people traveling by car, bus, or even plane. But many parts of the world also have their own unique modes of transportation, developed over many years to meet the needs of the local peoples and landscapes. So buckle up—let’s test out some of the world’s most interesting and unusual ways of getting around.

what you’ll need

Besides the device you're viewing this on, something to write with, and something to write on, you will need...

  • Construction paper



        Ask About Today

        What are some modes of transportation that have been around since long ago in history?

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        45 minutes



        Indigenous peoples in North America have been using sled dogs to travel and deliver goods in harsh winter conditions for generations (a transport method known as "mushing"). Learn more about the history of dog sledding.


        Ride a Dog Sled

        Next, take a snowy adventure with this team of dogs and their trainers.


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        Ride the Escalator to Work

        Hong Kong boasts the longest outdoor covered escalator in the world: It’s about half a mile long, connecting riders from the residential Mid-Levels district to the Central district in about 25 minutes. Now that’s quite a commute!


        Gone in a Gondola

        Venice, Italy is a city made of tiny islands, all connected by a system of waterways and bridges. You can walk, but it’s more fun to ride these famous boats through the canals.


        Making the Makoro

        In Botswana, Zambia, and other parts of southern Africa, canoes called "makoro" are built from hollowed out trees and used to travel throughout the region’s many rivers and wetlands. In this short documentary, learn about the process of building a makoro from a craftsperson who knows the trade well.


        Putting the Fun in “Funicular”

        These crazy cable cars will take you up steep inclines and offer some fabulous views—if your stomach can handle it. Check out 14 funiculars around the world.

        For younger explorers

        Go Sledding with Molly of Denali

        Molly, star of PBS Kids' "Molly of Denali," lives with her family and her dog Suki in Alaska. Learn about how Alaskan Native people like Molly use sled dogs to travel over snowy terrain. (And for more fun with Molly, check out her podcast!)

        For younger explorers

        Barefoot Books Singalong

        Join in on this fun bus ride from a Guatemalan village to a market town. This song might be familiar, but you’ve never been on this ride before!

        For younger explorers

        Up, Up, Up!

        Skip the car or train and try a hot-air balloon instead in one more sing-along!


        45-60 minutes


        How Do You Ride?

        Invent your own completely unique mode of transport. How does it move around? How do you steer it? Draw a picture of your ride and be sure to label all the parts and illustrate how it works, too.

        Share your work! We'd love to see it. Ask a parent to email a photo or video to us or share it on Instagram or Twitter by tagging @KindaGuide.


        Build the Best Paper Airplanes

        These aren’t your run-of-the-mill paper airplanes. Grab some paper and follow along with the Paper Airplane Guy (that’s his real name) to learn how to make 5 serious flyers.


        15-30 minutes


        Do the “Aeroplane” and More

        Get stretching and learn these 17 yoga poses with Cosmic Yoga, starting with...you guessed it...the airplane pose! (Or “aeroplane” in British English.)