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Art Escape

ART. The word might make you think of hushed museums lined with Very Serious Paintings, or baffling splashes of color that look like something your little brother brought home from preschool. But the truth is, creating art is one of our most basic human instincts, and despite art's fancy-schmancy reputation, anybody can make it—including you!

This week at Camp Kinda, we'll explore why art is such a huge part of cultures throughout history, get a fresh look at some artists you think you know already, and check out a few artists and types of art you probably don't. You'll learn about the connection between art and other subjects like science, create your own watercolors, explore some of the most colorful and unique places in the world, and have fun making art out of things you never would have expected.

Support your local artists! The murals and other images that appear in this week's preview video are courtesy of B-Mike, Studio Be, BeLite and other incredible artists of the New Orleans community. Click here to learn more about Studio Be, and support creative people in your own community by visiting local galleries and studios, donating to arts organizations, and getting to know your local artists.

what you’ll need

  • A computer, tablet, or mobile phone and access to the internet
  • Pens, crayons, markers, or colored pencils
  • Paper
  • Warm water
  • Bowls or containers
  • A spoon
  • Colorful spices or berries
  • A paintbrush or Q-tip
  • Natural materials like leaves, sticks, flowers, dried beans, etc.
  • Small found objects like paperclips, popcorn, coins, pen caps, etc.
  • Safe objects for an obstacle course (pillows, blankets, ropes, etc.)
  • Clothing and objects to recreate a famous masterpiece (whatever you've got!)
  • A phone or tablet with a camera
  • Someone to take a picture of you (optional)
  • A large, interestingly shaped object
  • A strong light source (sun or lamp)

weekly family activity

Have fun making art (kinda) with the whole family with a game of Pictionary. You'll need paper, something to draw with, a timer, and the Pictionary Word Generator. If you have two people, take turns using the Word Generator to generate a random word and draw that word in one minute or less. The other person will try to guess the word before the timer goes off. If you have more than two people, break yourselves up into two teams and take turns drawing and guessing. With teams, only the people on your team should guess your word for a point.

Remember, you can't use any letters or numbers in your drawings and you can't make any sounds or gestures to give your partner hints. Use your creativity to draw your word and have fun with it!

this week’s content builder:

Libby Minshall

Libby Minshall is originally from Little Rock, AR and now lives in New Orleans, LA. She has taught Visual Arts for five years and majored in Painting at the University of Arkansas.

More Adventures

Legendary Lands and Creatures

For centuries, civilizations have dreamt up whimsical or forbidding places, shrouded in mystery and lost in time. We’ve filled these worlds with mythical creatures and fantastical beasts who could do things beyond our own abilities like breathing fire, transforming into bats, or healing wounds. From tales like Harry Potter that made us fall in love with magic to the Chronicles of Narnia that used animals like talking lions to protect us from evil, each generation adds new layers to our storytelling.


Kingdom of Bugs

There are about 7 billion people on Earth, but for every one human, there are 200 million insects. (We are seriously outnumbered.) That makes insects the dominant life-form on our planet. But not only do these creatures outnumber us, they also have incredible super powers—from being able to jump the length of a football field to camouflaging their bodies to protect them from their enemies. As small as they are, they can do some major damage to buildings, and play a key role in helping our planet survive. (Insects...can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.)


Circus At Home

If these past few months have had you dreaming of running away with the circus, you're not alone. Now's your chance. (Kinda.) Welcome to a world of daring performers, hilarious clowns, and spectacular performances. Did you know the circus has been around since ancient Rome? From Asia to Africa to the 146-year-old American Ringling Bros. Circus, circus arts have roots—and present-day popularity—all around the world. This week, you'll learn the basics of circus performance and put together a circus show from start to finish.


Wild Weather

Ever heard of a meteorologist? You know, the people on the nightly news who point at a big map and talk about the weather? But meteorology is about more than predicting beach days or snowstorms—this is the science that focuses on the Earth’s atmosphere, and here on earth, the weather can get pretty wild.


Movie-Making Magic

Movies: They can carry us to other worlds, keep us company, and make us laugh, cry, or hide under the covers. And we love them for it. But what goes into the art of movie-making? Why are some movies Oscar material, while others are snooze-fests? The movie industry is a billion-dollar industry...but it takes much more than just great acting to make a movie a winner.


History’s Mysteries

How have codes been used throughout history to protect secrets and signal for help? Did the Bermuda Triangle really swallow whole ships? Could aliens have built Stonehenge? Find out this week at Camp Kinda, where we’ll be focusing on History’s Mysteries.


An illustration of a house taking off into the sky like a rocket.

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