Winter break is coming, which—on the one hand—means your kids have nowhere to be, no schedules to adhere to, and no schoolwork to get through. Makes your life easier, right? On the other hand, it also means...your children have nowhere to be, no schedules to adhere to, and no schoolwork to get through. What the heck are they supposed to do all day while you ____? (Fill in the blank: take care of your family, go to work, maybe even drink your coffee before it gets cold?)

Fear not, Kinda Guide readers. We’ve got you covered. You’ve probably heard about Camp Kinda by now, our free, virtual summer camp. All summer long, we kept thousands of young people busy around the world (seriously! 90 countries!) with weekly adventures on kid-approved themes like space travel, wild weather, the circus, and more. Each adventure features several hours of on- and offline content, curated by experts and requiring minimal adult supervision (promise!). We haven’t been loading up quite as much new Camp Kinda content since the school year started back up (we’ve been kinda busy ourselves), but we do have some new adventures just for Kinda Guide readers this fall.

If your family hasn’t already checked it out, there’s no time like the present. (Or, actually, the first day of vacation.) Here are 6 of our favorite Kinda adventures, including some hot off the (digital) presses. Now set the kids up and walk away. Your coffee is still hot.

Movie-Making Magic

Movies: They can carry us to other worlds, keep us company, and make us laugh, cry, or hide under the covers. And we love them for it. But what goes into the art of movie-making? Why are some movies Oscar material, while others are snooze-fests? The movie industry is a billion-dollar industry...but it takes much more than just great acting to make a movie a winner.

Legendary Lands and Creatures

For centuries, civilizations have dreamt up whimsical or forbidding places, shrouded in mystery and lost in time. We’ve filled these worlds with mythical creatures and fantastical beasts who could do things beyond our own abilities like breathing fire, transforming into bats, or healing wounds. From tales like Harry Potter that made us fall in love with magic to the Chronicles of Narnia that used animals like talking lions to protect us from evil, each generation adds new layers to our storytelling.

Comics Crash Course

Some of the best stories of all time have something in common: They hook us with drawings as well as words. Comics and graphic novels have introduced us to characters ranging from Black Panther and Captain Marvel to Captain Underpants and Greg Heffley, everyone's favorite "wimpy" kid. This week at Camp Kinda, we're zapping ourselves into the world of comics and visual expression with professional author and illustrator Jarrett Lerner.

World’s Craziest Sports

When did "sports" begin? Is ironing clothes a sport? Can you play hockey under water? What if you combined soccer and volleyball? Find out this week at Camp Kinda, where we'll be vaulting into sports like limbo-skating, Parkour, toe-wrestling, and worm-charming, and checking out some wacky sports traditions, fans, and food along the way.

Oh, the Places (We’ll) Go

Over here at Camp Kinda, we have a bad case of cabin fever. After eight months of sticking close to home, we are itching to go somewhere—anywhere. Raise your hand if you’re with us. So this week, we’re heading out, via plane, train, and automobile (not to mention rickshaw, space shuttle, dog sled, and the world’s longest escalator). Pack your carry-on and get ready for an underground, overseas, intergalactic travel adventure aboard some of the world’s wildest and weirdest modes of transportation.

NEW to Camp Kinda! Welcome to Toy Land

Legos and train sets and dolls, oh my! Wherever you go in the world—and for many years back in history—toys, in one form or another, are part of being a kid. But have you ever wondered who thinks up all of these things? Or how they’re designed? Or why some toys are hot for a minute and gone the next? In this adventure, we’ll dive into the world of play, from the making of toys to toy ideas that, well, didn’t turn out quite as planned.

“Each Camp Kinda adventure features several hours of on- and offline content, curated by experts and requiring minimal adult supervision (promise!).”



Aug 14, 2021

Back-to-School-Still-in-a-Pandemic Edition

The CDC says it’s safe for kids to be back in schools. But things still seem...confusing. Here’s our rundown of the biggest questions on parents’ (okay, our) minds.

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May 15, 2021

Camp Kinda Is Back!

For a second pandemic summer, our virtual learning experience offers flexible adventures for curious kids ages 3-13 that are heavy on fun and light on parental involvement. We promise.

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