If you’re anything like us, the thought of the long winter indoors with your children is more chilling than the temps outside. With so much indoor recreation on pause, how are we supposed to keep the kids active and let them get their energy out without totally wrecking the house?

Here are a few ideas we’ll be trying in our own homes this season:

Bring outside games in with tape on the floor. All you need for these activities is a floor and some tape, and maybe a ball. (We recommend masking or painter’s tape for easy removal.) Tape out traditionally-outdoor games like hopscotch and four square. A straight line on the floor can become a balance beam, and circles or Xs spread apart can be jumping spots or safe zones from floor lava.

Make an at-home scavenger hunt or “Supermarket Sweep.” Set a timer and send the kids tearing around the house with a basket or bag to collect specific items (an onion! A toothbrush! Hand sanitizer because it’s 2020!). Bonus points for having them do a speed clean-up when they’re done.

Put the couch cushions to good use. Who needs a dedicated gym mat when you have couch cushions? Make a big pile on the floor and let the kids dive in. (Safety first: Make sure there are no sharp corners around for knocking little heads!) The harder cushions from the base of the couch are especially good for jumping.

Dance parties, yoga, and indoor races. Put on your favorite jams and get moving, or try stretching with family-friendly animal yoga or dino yoga. For babies and toddlers, check out these Intellidance videos for developmentally appropriate at-home movement ideas. Wacky races can be fun, too: Try the crab walk, bunny hopping, or jogging backwards.

Go outside anyway! So it’s cold out. Bundle ‘em up and send them running around the block anyway. After all, when we were kids, we walked to school uphill in the snow. (Right?)



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